Monday, March 16, 2009


At last the trip finished. It was the first test for me as Hi-Com in the PreLaw Club and with this trip they will judge me. I can justify my own project but after all I feel great; more great than the previous trip to Kuala Lumpur 2006. During that time I also the one who in charged to organise and set up the paper work but mostly it just 40% and the rest percentage was done by the teachers. But the trip of 2009 is the first trip I organised for university stage, the first of 100% 'hand-on' and it worked nicely. So first and foremost let me expressed my praise to God for giving me strength to handle this trip and next let me express my warmest thanks to all the trip committee.
  • MASTER aka ARIF(Bendahari merangkap pembantu merangkap pembuat tag merangkap lagi setlle up makanan)
  • Fahmy(Thanks for accompany me during we had the transportation crisis. Waktu pagi lak tu haish)
  • Bun(Thanks for the button and the effort during registration process)
  • Umayr(Special credit as the partner of Master)
  • Ija &Maisarah(Thanks for the no makan, poster taklimat and balut hadiah)
  • Faliq(kerana mengira pelajar2 yang dah naek bas atau belum)
  • Kak Nad,Sol,Yazid(for handling the part3)
  • Apek and Ann sebagai photographer

I've had a great time to work with them. I have no complained on the trip. I am happy to enjoy with them eventhough the pressure was there.
Apakah rahsia saya boleh bertahan dari letih dan mengantuk? First for surela kopi arabica yang aku hentam tiap2 pagi sebelum pegi lawatan. Kedua, lolipop dan gula2 serta segala jenis minuman bergula membolehkan otak aku kuat berfikir dan maintain bertenaga dan ketiga apabila dengar suara2 diorang yang menyanyi dan bergelak tawa. It makes me feel like..u know feel released, calm and as the sign they enjoy it.
For any incovenience I pledged my apologise and sorry. It is a nature that we can't compromised in everything and can't satisfied everyone. I just do what I think is good for us and for all. And this trip teach me about leadership. Now I know how the feel of the burden and responsibility of being a leader. Make me wonder why so many people especially politicians so crazy to hold up the leader post. If they know how tough the responsibility sure they didn't. It reminds me to Sabda Nabi ' Sesungguhnya pemimpin itu adalah amanah dan menjadi beban di hari akhirat kelak'.
Trip for next sem? I don't know..I just want to focus for the upcoming Law Fiesta,charity and restu Ilmu...

And once again thanks to all who participate in this trip. The trip is the most memorable journey in my life..

I rest my case..The word is in line..And I had done mine...

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