Monday, March 2, 2009


After spend plenty of strentgh tonight dealing with Bunyamin smash in badminton court, I opened up my warrioroflove blogspot and there is a comment for my recent blog. And yeah i was shocked to know that it was from my big boss aka my dad. It make me feel touched and terharu. Even we shared some diversity in opinion but I am very pleased with his word.So touched. Like a soldier who received the last word from his general. In this world he is the only person i afraid and the one i listened most.Here his word:

son,admitly you have sense of hatred toward the wrong doing but justice is difficult to defined if it involve international politic.US is hagemony after the stupid cold war.Russia should not fear of US, then they will be balance of power in the world..but it is not now...US super power is because her ability to project its military all around the world...has any country done this...none.The only interest in Middle East is oil...who control the oil..control the world..the problem is Arab themselves..between shia and sunni..Iraq has been accused of using distructive technology weapon that is chemical toward Iran population and killed thousand..Saddam is arrogant and greedy,that is the reason,he occupied Kuwait..but the hanging brought many sentiment to Islamic world...maybe to end the raging war.US is one of the 5 members in the scurity council of United Nation..and the only flaw here is veto should be abolish from the system..or elses US can veto other nation dare to bring the president down. our voices are seldom heard but i believe that it can make a different. it is necessary to be fear because that is the way we will be strong and prepare.

thanx sir for you word.It is too precious for me =)

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