Saturday, May 2, 2009


1. It will be the new title for my blog. 'Berfikir & Bereformasi' is quite serious but I pledge the content of my blog will be the same; still the sense of humour is still there.

2. I just keep thinking what kind of way of my blog will be?Is it will become a diary blog or place to slash and critics others or palce where u can find the latest lyrics for english and malays songs. As penakiri once said to me ' bloggers can be divided into three class'. I wondering which class is suit with my blog.

3.After back from my 'cave'(u will know this when u read men from mars and women from venus book), I decided to make it two in one: the part of my daily life and my thought or opinion on certain issues in our country.

4. We need to think. But the idea must lead to reform, not destruction. First I want to put 'Berfikir & Berevolusi' but the word revolusi means a change of mind so it will be same like berfikir. So I put reformasi as the thought,opinion and idea will lead to improve and develop.

5. Perhaps this is some kind of politiking. Yes I am but it will not distract my focus on law world because law is already my life. Politics and law is symbiotic relationship and we can't deny that.After all I grateful God send me to this course.

6. The part of my life will remains as the daily routine as a pre-lawrians and as a upcoming 19 years old teenagers. Yet I am living in normal life just like yours.Still need some entertainment and 'bahasa pasar'. But at another side I will discuss recent issues that I think I need to voice up because if I keep my eyes and mouth close, it means that I am a 'dead-living man'.

7. But it will not be about Malaysia affair only. My second blog which is warrioflove.blogspot will draw up my attention on global issue,international affairs and mostly about Israel-Palestine issue. God will, the second blog will be official blog for Perdana Global Peace Youth(PGPYO) once it established.

8. Need for rebranding and set up the focus of ur blog's direction, otherwise you just keep moving to nowhere!

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