Saturday, August 1, 2009


1. Going back to Merbok tomorrow. Feeling?Not too vulnerable i think.Perhaps I am in the condition of being injected with the inspire true story at Hallmark channel this evening. 'Homeless to Harvard' teach me how our world will only become one dimension if we only rely on a person story, i mean textbook. Yeah you know textbook is one author's view. If we are not expose to many dimension or version then the life become dull, we become copycat and at last the world become one straight thinking. That's gonna be sad for us isn't it?
2. The one week holiday will be the so-called a damn good 'holiday'. After all I gained a lot of experience and knowledge, more better than when I was a vice secretary. PGPYO stuff will be on track, the date still unfixed and the sponsorship will be no more sponsor but will be sincere contribution(sumbangan ikhlas). But that's only make the game more spice up, as I said the game is just to begin so why should we quit earlier?It is not finish yet and a lot to go. This Monday( 3 August definitely) will be the final verdict for all that stuff. I wish to shift Sunday to come after Monday. A day of waiting suffered a lot. Perhaps I'm impatient man.Yeah that's what I discover about myself this holiday. The heart so impatient and eager to settle this and that as fast as can. Well the situation is the best teacher to pull down my impatient and my stubborn. But the situation too keep endorse my spirit to keep going as well =)
3. The holiday become more exciting to know more new people. Nadia,Ain, Haifaa, Kak Aivy,Ahmad( friend of Don Nizam), children of twinklekids kindergaten and it is nice to meet people that we already know like Encik Azli Shukri and Che Dayat. They are my great friend of bloggers and wish to meet more blogger such as Ikan Emas, ideologi kreatif and cikgu KlCitizen.And also Puan Zai. They are also superb bloggers I ever known.
4. It is good to have someone accompany you. Thanks to Fyza and Nizam for being the someone.But I still enjoy watching The Proposal alone and walking the entire Low Yat Plaza by myself. And yup! I discovered the best place for me to relieve all the hustle and bustle stuff and enjoying staring with thinking and last but not least, to read while at that place.Where is it? Oh it is a common place i guess.I will tell you guys when i think i should tell hehehe
5.Complete reading( i mean it-reading) the global issues stuff two days before and now just to keep generate new idea to make my essay paper of this subject become 3 pages. Make up my mind to have the title for second assignment of BEL 342. Surely it will not be the common and boring stuff. And yeah not to forget the persuasive speech. What should I persuade my audience?Hmm...I got one. It related with my previous blog and it will be kinda interesting since i believed most of us will talk about current issues etc.
6. I'm going to list up a new thing to be done for this another 1 month at Kedah. And also a new approach to study. But before the day I will spend 3 hours in the bus while reading the Illan Page's book, i will have a good night to spend with my father at bowling centre. It will be more interesting if my brother can join but sorry bro, we can't play bowling by using 3G video calls haha. He's at Muadzam right now and maybe we will have a good bowling time during next holiday.
7. Be a single man is not too jerk i guess. It makes me to appreciate this way of life and I don't think to replace it with what so-called couple or attach(no offence to haifaa :p) but how about with a new word.Hmm maybe tag?then who will be my tagger?Haa stop thinking about that Zharif. Should settle down my PGPYO and final exam first then i will continue to think about it.
8. Second term of final semester as pre-lawrian. Can't wait for more new things to come up. As now my perception turn on about life. It is not to find ourselves but to create of what we are. Undeniable.
next entry: Response to ISA rally today. More surprise word will be given?Just wait and keep reading to this blog.


  1. Perlu ke cite psl u single tuh? adoih. HAhaha.. ur wlc. btw, 3 august tu x jamin! I nye class fully booked! :P sabar ek pakcik :):)

  2. heheh saya juga berbesar hati ingin bertemu dengan saudara. Insya-allah selewat-lewatnya semester akan datang kita akan ketemu juga di Shah Alam.. :)

  3. you'll get what do you set, insyaAllah... :)

  4. Welcome back 2 KEDAH!!
    Gud Luck!!

  5. habis dah cuti?...

    kalau ke kl lagi warwar lagi ya..
    kalau ada rezeki boleh jumpa insayaallah..
    teringin juga nak jemput zharif bagi talk kat sekolah cikgu....kan

  6. o ya...
    asyik tukar nama blog ni napa?
    sedang mencari identiti ke?

    ... tak pe ...orang muda memang suka bereksperimen..


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