Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is basic concept of economy
But it also a basic concept of life
It is not something to be regret of
But me myself once regret about this thing

You and I are childhood friend
At time when the things gets clear that she is your soulmate
Everything messed up
25 Minutes song tears you up
Hope that she will consider to rethink back
And be yours

But the miracle door is locked up

She at the middle of chosing you as her best-friend for 15 years
and her one year soulmate to be
Then you made the decision
To sacrifice
and let her go
R.I.P as your ultimate lover and wait to be
but keep alive as your bestfriend

I had pass through the sacrifice
And I honour to be one of this
As I'm going to make the new step
Then I decide to sacrifice once again
A new and fresh hope will arise
To all those who breath
If I mean to sacrifice this time
In this reason, a promising reason for brighther hope

I choose it
And this time, no regret at all
Because all my life to sacrifice
Now and soon =)

*I praised for all of you, the readers of this entry to sacrifice your time to read this.

But, what sacrifice really mean for you?


  1. berkorban apa saja
    harta ataupun nyawa
    itu la kasih mersa
    sejati dan mulia...

  2. kinda..emmm..what to say huh...good...but sad owh...

  3. salam..it's quite sad....

    sacrifice means willingly to become the sun of the one we loved...because sun we will be far away from our loved one, but we will always love him or her no matter what...

  4. semua orang pernah dan akan berkorban dalam sepanjang usia hidupnya...
    semoga setiap pengorbanan kita diterima sebagai amal dan bekal

  5. sacrifice??
    not all people willing to sacrifice for something...
    pengorbanan kalu dri segi untk mncpai target or apa yg kta mhukn ialah b'korban msa n tnaga untk b'jya..(byk lg sbnrnye)
    kalu dlm aspek percntaan plak kta sggp b'korban untk b'tolak ansur,b'kjsma,sling mmhmi,,b'korban jgn untk xmmndg pmpuan @ llki laen..haha..(byk lg jgk)..
    sacrifice byk mksd..t'plng pd individu..

  6. sacrifice is when u love somebody then u have to let him/her go because u love him/her.
    apa lah. gila touching.


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