Saturday, August 29, 2009


1. One ever told me that there is difference between bestfriend and friend. I don't know whether the different is only the word 'best' in front of it.

2. I got some great bestfriend throughout my life and it started since my kindergaten and primary school.But somehow I lost contact with them.Can it still be considered as bestfriend?

3. The word is itself kinda a nightmare to me as some says bestfriend is always there with you and lasts forever; more than love can do. But when it comes to me the bestfriends doesn't mean forever as it can go if something bad happen.

4. Usually it is not me who consider someone as my bestfriend but that someone always consider me as her bestfriend. But the problem turns on when her other bestfriend feel threathened with the new bestfriend and try to expel me out.And it works. She no longer be my bestfriend after the 'great conspiracy' and the great conspiracy force me to create another what so called deception in order to end the mess. I'm just a new bestfriend but again is there any different between old and new bestfriend?

5. I pledge sorry if i did hurt some of my bestfriends. Sometimes i don't use to say sorry, hi, good luck etc at appropriate time. But after all i don't like to trade the value of friendship just because of this and sometimes the feel of regret will punish me. Recently I feel that im going to lose another bestfriend because of words.Yeah i know she just means of humor on it but kinda words seems annoying to me. It is amazing how an annoying man can be annoyed with other's words =p But after all i know the time of being the bestfriend of her will be end soon as she will make a choice regarding with her future. I decided to go after knew she already has her soulmate but she kinda stop me from go. But now i don't think she really need me.Her words that said she still need me just count for nothing. Or should i go now or just wait until she make the decision?Simple but hard.

6. I lost some of my bestfriend for some reasons but thank God betrayal is not one of the reasons. Maybe there is one bestfriend that never leave me out; my laptop of course. After all it seems i interested not to fix the past and just work it on the business as usual. Don't take any offence for what i did wrong since i'm the one who did not understand what the meaning of bestfriend throughout my past experience.

*maybe you can help me to find the true meaning of bestfriend perhaps?


  1. for me,best friend is the best among all so the word best indicates a person only..
    u have frens,good frens,best fren,rather 2 spend the rest of life to find the one who deserve ur friendship..

  2. zzz... haha, Personally, yeah "best" friend does make a huge meaning. It's just dat we keep on choosing the wrong bestfriend! Y? nwadays, wat i can see is that too much of "desperate bestfriend-wannabes".... How do u pick a bestfriend! I believe it comes naturally! U juz don have to push urself.. juz like my experience! hhaha, Juz like love, best friend comes from the heart. It's how u understand each other. And you might not even realise it.. dats 4 me...

  3. i'm with farhan...

    u may b pick the wrong bestfriend, but u will realized it sooner or later when ur heart says so...

    bestfriend will be by ur side eventhough u didn't realize him or her in the first place...

    they'll never leave u, n always by ur side without asking anything back...

    it is hard to find, very rare n very valuable...

  4. people hear what u say
    friends listen to what u say..
    bestfriend listen tou waht u dont say..


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