Sunday, August 16, 2009


1. I am glad to know that one of my bestfriend will continue her study at UiTM Kedah with same course of mine.Sadly I will not see her for the next two semester since i will go to Shah Alam.But I guess we still can meet at Shah Alam later =)

2. Well out of topic i guess. It suppose to be something related with the word blatant.

3. I have a friend.My teammate for bahasa Melayu debat and we have something that unique relationship.But one thing she really hate about me is when I start to say something.Too blatant and sometimes hurt the feeling of people(terlalu berterus-terang sampai menyakitkan hati orang).

4. I admit that is me.It is my strength and my weakness too. But I don't take it as insulting since i understand that people has different view with me. Sometimes I see the word with no harsh but others people did.

5. Sometimes i may too ego to apologise but somehow to say sorry or apologise is priceless.Just say it but don't expect that person will accept your apologise. But after all I will keep my way like this and don't think will stop from using this strength(and also my weakness too).

6. Blog tought me become more tougher to deal with this.Since I take my stand as neutral it is normal to hear any slash or harsh word from both sides. Heartbroken?Sometimes.But I think that what they want.Stop me from giving more truth with my word.

7.Justice and truth only come with courage.And with wisdom of course. Blatant is something you need in order to say the truth.Maybe it will unplease certain people but the main priority is yourself.You can't please other feeling if ur feeling can't be pleased by yourself.

8.Maybe I will hurt more people with my blatant word. But that's the freedom of speech. Anyone can say anything and be respect to others word. That's the golden rule. I believe you too, my blog readers had lately crash others heart with your word.But if it for the sake of truth and for yourself why you should regret?

9.Apologise is the best way.But regret, never let it be.

10.After all, we still need mirror so that we will not over make-up.


  1. to speak the truth , you need to have courage,..
    but then again...
    says a proverb: “The wise man, even when he holds his tongue, says more than the fool when he speaks”

  2. freedom of speech?..vut i think we've da limit on freedom of speech even we've da right..
    sometimes it is good to be blatant..sometimes not..myb depends on wat we want to talk a about..

  3. freedom speech???hmmm...
    regret is a thing aite?but y?
    let by gone be by gone,,

    for the sake of truth symbolize the intuition of a lawyer and help others,,but for the sake of yourself symbolize u by helping urself but not others...

    what's the point of mirror if the mirror is broken??u'll see many u...

  4. speak of ur mind...nevertheless is fine.. rather than to be fake to everyone.

  5. UMNO dah nak karam hang still nak berjuang dengan UMNO. Umur pun tak cukup lagi nak mengundi. Pirrrahhhh!... mabuk.


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