Monday, July 27, 2009


Before every Spartan's king may enter a war, he must have the consent of what we so called the board of 'senior citizen'.This senior citizen forbid King Leonidas to have a war with 1 million of Persians. But he refused to follow and just fight by himself as well as with his 300 soldiers.They may failed but their story inspired the entire Greek to fight the tyranny of Persian later. He and his army dead, but they managed to humiliate the Xerxes by defeating his immortal army and made the Persian's attack stuck.With full of frustration Xerxes execute his general and try to breach the wall of 300 Spartans.
The 300 led by Leonidas dead with glory by stand firm with their spartan rule 'No retreat no surrender'. Against all odds they managed to live and death with honor. They keep their heads held high without no shame as they proved themselve as warrior; no to retreat and no to surrender.
This what I'm feeling right now.Defied by own conventional system now it is the time to change the rule of system. Perhaps I will fail but then everyone who read this blog will know that i downturn the offer of defeat and surrender, keep moving as the fight is just begin!
Bear in mind tonight and the next days will be a long day for me,Nizam and Fyza.....We just start all the thing, screwed up right now but will clear up all the messy stuff as the sun breaks the dawn...


  1. semoga dipermudahkan urusan oleh Allah

  2. no matter how hard it is, believe in urself, u can do it. everyday is getting better and better :)

  3. ye ke...Z pun mcm tu gak ek...imagining live alone here in kedah..OMG...

  4. chaiyok2!!abg zharif...
    jgn putus asa...
    believe in urself..

  5. ahhh good luck gak..walaupon dh lmbt
    huhu xD


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