Wednesday, July 8, 2009


1. Staying at hostel is not like stay at home. When I just wake up the newspaper will be my first attention regardless of taking bath first.But when you stay at hostel it is definitely discouraged you to do so as the newspaper will be somewhere of 10 minutes far from your room. And I rather read newspaper online then to do such manner.

2. It takes me a second to stun when reading about the decision of PPSMI that will be made(had been actually) by today. But the business of life goes as well as I completely finished my study of Private Defence in Criminal Law.

3. I wonder why the number 2012 is the favorite number for govt to change the policy. I thought it will affected by next year but it will be another 3 years.Such a number.

4.I'm the one who will be viewed as strongly agree with the policy based on my previous but I just made by personal view as language is not my main interest. I'm more interested to know whether the student's perfomance is better or not since this policy is implemented. But most of us, prefer to view it as 'language crisis' and I rather to accept majority's voice than to stand with my view alone. It is okay to change back to Bahasa Malaysia since the 2012 Malaysia has already expected to recover from economic recession and able to spend more billion ringgit for changing the textbook syllabus and others stuff regarding this thing.

5.And mine too will not be affected by this changing as I already at UiTM and my cousin also will not be affected with this since he will be at age of 18 when the policy take effect.

6.But it will be something interesting to know whether the current 14 years old student will able to answer science and math in BM for their SPM in 2012.I believe for this 3 years still the teaching and learning is in English. How about the form1 student?And others form student?Sure they are the one who will affected by the policy, secondly the teachers as well as the parents.

7.I'm thinking of having a specific subject for students to consolidate their english communication since the PPSMI is not really to help their skills in communicate by using this language.

8.Once again why 2012?Then come to my mind that 2012 is a year after general election of Malaysia. Perhaps it will sound like this ''If BN keep ruling this country then the PPSMI will be abolished.So keep voting BN''. Perhaps the opposition leader can't make the same promise to change this policy since the govt already use it.

9.Politics...What you expect more?


  1. zharif , cikgu adalah tulis ntri .. tapi tidak berdasar politik... 2012..kenapa? no keramat...! lawyer la jawab..

  2. hmm...its all about politics..


  3. its just another bn's agenda to maintain their draconian title as government..come on la,its all politic matters..

  4. hmmm...mmg satu propaganda yang dicurigai...

  5. ubah dasar cm tukar baju je...

    propaganda politik...

  6. just wait n see..we do not know yet what in store...

  7. "That Malaysia and Islam Union will become the the biggest power in the world and rule the world by the word of God". WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING? YOU RACIST!

  8. "Jerusalem will be under control of Muslim with full of tolerance and peace"
    -Just because Jesus is from Jerusalem? PLEASE. no one is taking any country over.

    "The domination of United States as a big power of ecomony will over and replace with something new"
    - The States is the reason why we are still living. They're the source of mostly everything actually. Like, who created the law of gravity, the telephone, the television, etc. everyone is "Orang Barat". There's no contribution at all from us, why should they be conquered over? ur so freaking racist.


  9. what's wrong with mamat atas nih? racist..racist?
    xpaham la ape yg dia cuba smpaikan..debat la kalau bgus sgt..

  10. Pemansuhan PPSMI mampu raih undi: Mustapa

    KUALA KRAI: Keputusan kerajaan memansuhkan dasar Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI) mampu membantu Barisan Nasional (BN) meraih sokongan pengundi dalam pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Manek Urai, Selasa ini.

    Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno negeri, Datuk Mustapa Mohamed, berkata sokongan guru dijangka bertambah kerana sebahagian daripada mereka tidak menyokong pelaksanaan PPSMI sebelum ini.

    "Dengan tindakan Kementerian Pelajaran untuk tidak meneruskan dasar PPSMI itu, kita berharap ia dapat membantu BN meraih undi dari golongan pendidik.

    * clearly:political issue...:(

  11. urmm maybe sbb die nk test batch kite ni..
    kite kn batch 1st dlm bi..
    and i graduated in 2012, tp maybe politik...

    but why yg mamat atas tu ckp2 racist??

  12. yea its sounds politic. :P

    but you gotta admit.. english is an important language to learn and conquer. and nowadays, many students are moving to private or overseas universities where english plays a major role. fortunately for me; my main language was english and malay (im a chinese who doesnt speak a word of chinese lol. funny eh?), so going to private uni that uses english as their main language was not a problem for me (:

    since english has been implemented to be used in Maths and Science, some student have shown improvement in their english speaking. i know this because i teach english, part-time in a tuition center and i realise before the implementation many of the kids, especially Malay (no offence; i dont want to be called racist :P), can do their work very very well.. but are very poor in english communications and the use of proper grammar. and they are not primary student.. but secondary form 3 student the most.

    Eventhough they said that the importance of english wouldnt be neglected. i fear students (not matter what the race is..again no offence) would not bother to learn about it. since it does not play a major role in their studies other than in the english subject.

    i think the language in science and english should be implemented on a longer duration to see the actualy outcome/result.

    peace :D


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