Thursday, July 9, 2009


1. I am thanked to Tracy for leaving comments for my dream that I build up in my 2012 entry blog.

2.You keep blaming me as a racist.It is up to everyone to judge me whether i am racist or not instead I am not interested to argue whether I am racist or not. And I am not take it serious because I believed Marthin Luther King when he speak out his dream surely he was labeled as racist too but then his dream comes into reality in today's world.If I'm wrong in this thing perhaps you should proof me that Barack Obama is a white man.

3. I am more interested with your criticism on my dream. Obviously you think that Malaysia and Islamic Union via OIC cannot ruling the world one day. Perhaps you right. But it is not impossible.We had proved it a long time ago before the America became the hagemony power. Take example of Muslim civilization, no one can't deny the fact the Muslim scholars are the one who contribute most in science and math. Who is the one who wrote off the cannon of medicine? Who is the one who introduced Algebra?Who is the Ottoman Empire?Abbasiya?Khulafa Ar-Rasyidin?I am surely you know who are them and no need for me to listed all the muslim scholars who contributed in science,technology and mathematics fields. Perhaps you missed out your history lesson on civilization and Malacca Empire. These two examples are the proof that we can be the ruler of the world.The western has undergo their dark age but then how they manage to conquer the world in this modern day? We are not living in static world. The world will change.

4.Then come the issue of Jerusalem.It is not about Jesus instead I am not mentioned Jesus's name too in my dream. When you are saying no one is taking any country over, it make me believe that u are not law student who take global issue paper and oh ya you still 16 years old of secondary school student. To simplify it, Palestinian land first belong to palestinian people which then in 1948 the Jewish,after experienced a big massacre of Nazi during WWII, with the help of UN and British they sucessfully have their homeland at Palestine. But then they seized more land during 1967 and seized the Jerusalem as well.If you say that the Israel is not taking any country over(which is Palestine) then explain to me why there should be palestinian refugees and why they resist the Israel. You yourself will resist if someone want to take your home or land isn't it?The state of Israel today is illegal because they overseized Palestinian land which is contradict with the 1967 agreement of borders between Israel-Palestine. It is proved that under Muslim control the Jerusalem was in peace and harmony.No one can't deny that even the Christian scholar had to admit it during the Salahuddin Ayubi's control over Jerusalem in 1887. Hope you can find our more about the crusade war and make comparison between the manner of Crusaders and Muslims when they control Jerusalem.

5. Domination of US has encountered by a lot of problems and nowadays they are having an economic recession more suffer than the Great Depression during 1930.It is nothing impossible for them to collapse since their position as a big power is fragile now. Take example of Iraq how they arrogantly ignore the world protest because they think they are the superpower but now they have to accept the war is a mistake and they need to retreat by 2011.Soviet Union is considered as one of the superpower too during the cold war crisis but then they had been defeated by Afghanistan Mujahideen. Before United States, British is the one who can be potrayed as superpower and they control the economy as well as the maritime power.But what happen to them now?They are no longer superpower anymore and even they are defeated by Japanese during the early stage of World WarII. So is there any impossible that the America will be defeated? China will be arising as superpower as they are keep growing despite of the recession.

6.We came out with idea of having new economy block what so called EAEC a few years ago but the US strongly opposed it.Why?I hope you can make research for your own. If we have our own Islamic block in economy and other areas then think yourself, did the US can be considered as superpower?

7.The Arabs has been conquered by Rome and Persian Empire but then they(Arabs) may have their own Empire.How could this be? Do you think it can't be happen again?

8.Maybe my dream is too big for you but seems your argument just to backed up the Western ideology. If they are doing something wrong should we just silent and accept the truth? Take another example of IMF which is the one of US institution and take note on how they crush and control on the economy of the countries which borrowed the money from them during the 1997/1998 ecomony crisis.

9. I hope you can come out with more fact and better argument to backed up your opinion. After all, it just as a cheapless critics, that's all. And once again thank you for advise me to dream on since I will keep it on and work for it.If I'm not the one who will make it true then there will be another zharif will make it.Another person will make it true.

And once again, Let's the readers decide it.


  1. the fact that some people dint realize what they are saying. sometimes they dint even think. as far as i get to know Mr.Z, he is not a racist and so do i. We talk with substance and facts. That is what we are. Law Students. Not barging or what but the fact that our area of study teaches us to be like that. when we encounter with an issue we look at it at a bigger scope. yet we are not saying what we say are all true. we still learn and accept comments from other people. if you really not a racism girl (i guess) u'll make a fair comment.

  2. that's because she's not in our shoes.

  3. tracy..tracy..tracy..I'm sure u too have ur own matter what they are..its ur dreams..n good people will support u n thus try to help u..But if u happened to be around bad people..u will be condemn and they will try to bring u down..Just like the owner of this blog..he sure has a lot of friends to support him..and Im one of them..Ur comments do show how low ur standard of thinking are..because there is nothing wrong to dream..and every success people start with having dreams and goals..Im sure u too dream to score straight A's in ur SPM rite? well, good luck..

  4. haha XD
    kelakarlah tracy neh.
    anyways, salam bro zharif!

  5. OH WELLS. Il see where's youre going.

    PS. i didn't read the whole thing. It was too long. (:

    & okay. so since i didn't read anything that much, i wouldn't stumbble here anymore.

    PPS: how did i get here in the first place is cause i was searching the government's decision about changing maths and science to english so i ACTUALLY have no business with all.

    Whatever you said in that post, i'll respect it and ..goodbye.

  6. hey there, stummbled over (:
    i enjoyed reading this post. very intense. lol.

    in my opinion, everyone has their own dream (:
    its just probably the way you put it though that got people thinking you're a racist. with the statement of muslim, malay, taking over the world and all. no offence though.

    anyways i would like to comment on a few things though if you dont mind (: the numbers represent the comments i made to the points you made

    2. why suddenly have to prove Obama is white? lol

    4. as you said.. she's is only 16 years old, and probably does not read the paper that much. kids these days..

    5. come to think of it, US is one of the superior power amongst other country. after the world war two, it was the only country that was still able to turn its currency into gold. there is possibility US can get back up to its feet again. (:

    8. i agree that US made a very very stupid move to borrow and lend money recklessly during that period. that lead to other countries who depended on the US to follow into a bad turndown in economy.

    hopefully whoever the goverment to rule the countries in the future would however bring good pastures and peace between countries without racism (:

    and again.. no offence yea. im just sharing a piece of my mind. and your blog is very interesting to read.

    peace :D


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