Thursday, July 16, 2009


1.First I would like to apologise from the bottom of my heart since I failed to perform well during the mock last night.It is the awful perfomance and I think it is below my par. Regardless of the time constraint, I am not fully prepared for the mock as this week is full with unexpected and expected thing. The expected is for sure the economy and law test(which is done a few hours ago) and the unexpected is regarding the launching of Perdana Global Peace Youth.

2.I would like to share my thanks to all the members of PGPYO that willing to attend the launching by using sendirian berhad money.I thought there will be half of them will not go since the travel to Shah Alam will be 100% personal, including me as well.It's fair and gratefully my allowance still enough to go for the launching.

3. Trip to Kuala Lumpur which is organised by my sucessor will be postponed to the 20 of August. It should be on 14 and the trip will attend the launching but the sports day has to be done during that date(14 and 15).

4.C0mment?Nothing.I'm just working to resize back the seat that already set up for the UiTM Kedah delegation as well as the budget for lunch during the launch day. I just hope the other universities will not have the sports day too on that day otherwise the delegation will be smaller and the budget will become more saving.Because of political ideology since the launcher will be the ex president of UMNO?I don't think so. Let's pray the cause of the postponed will be bona fide.

5.Since the trip will be postpone means that I have the chance to follow the trip a week after the launching. But I don't think it is a best idea for me to follow of. Sulk? Shame on me to be childish. It is simply because I don't want the person behind me will be the 47th during the registration this upcoming Monday as I acknowledged the available seat is for 46 persons only. I had already join the trip last sem and perhaps with this it will be the chance for a new person to have the availability seat.

6.Holiday is just around the corner.Holiday?It will not for me to rest and relax since for the whole one week of holiday i will focus on the launching event and yeah, global issues of course.The test will be right after the holiday.

*The 15 August dream is still on


  1. Z u've done well. Glad to see u there. btw, i would like to join Global Peace Perdana, What i am supposed to do?

  2. sorry, xleh reply msg Z. Ya, saya dan kwn nak join Global Peace. so camne, sempat lagi? apa-apa cara-caranya?

    kalau Z reply kat handset, sory x leh balas...

  3. juz now bru pasan da comment from a.z..
    love story?? f4rt song too..huhu..yeah..agree with u..(^_^)

  4. Zharif..
    Orang nak mintak maaf sgt2 sbb lwtan tak dpt join global peace..
    Kesulitan yg mmg orang tak jangkakn..
    i know..u are dissapointed..
    rase bersalah sgt dgn z coz u helped me a lot.
    i will be proud kalo z ikut lwtan kali nie..

    p/s: i'm sorry...
    From: Mean Belon..still need ur guide..huhuhuhu

  5. how u perform is not really least u try..nma pn first time untk smlm rite??.. actually..pgpyo (perdana global peace youth) rite?..can u briefly explain wat its all about..the pgpyo is 4 all pre-law or just for part 3 or 4 all student?..myb z da cta dlm entry xsmpt bkk..kalu da dlm entry lps..xpyh xplain lg la..i'll read from there..

  6. salam...

    hey abg zharif u didnt did badly!!!

    agak best...but u cant deliver ur point...dlm yg bley debat or debate in 5 min??

    n pgpy is next 15 august right??

    p/s: i am not kiddin dlm text msj tue...

  7. thanx..dh fhm dh..insya-Allah..i'll join..n i want 2 join pgpyo..zati doakn z success dlm apa jua yg sdg z ushakn..

  8. Z cane nak join global peace tu??


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