Saturday, April 25, 2009


1. When the announcement of Hi-com election result had finished, Yazid aka the formal Secretary of Pre-Law club once told me '' beware of the backstabbers.''

2. I don't take it seriously nor lightly because at first I just took it as typical caution. But then at the end of my duty as vice-secretary of Pre-Law, the words of 'beware of backstabbers' seems paramount.

3. I once had been labelled as backstabber.

4. But it settled as the sources came from misunderstanding and the discounting attribution of the third parties. It so hard to clean back from this label but I guess the label is already perish with the 'desperate' title the others give to me.

5. I am grateful to be one of the hicom members because I take the chance completely to clean back my image as well as serve the club in my best effort. But after all the nuisance sound appeared again in unexpected direction and unrespectful manner.

6. I thought those who give bad talk on me at back is ungrateful as they condemn on the weakness in my project. I admit there are a lot of loopholes but I had done it remarkably. I'm not the one who plan this or that but then cancelled the plan because of certain excuses. I rather take critics and condemnation than to leave up the plan with bundle of 'reasonable' excuses.

7. I'm not blaming someone for those who I think is going to give a bad blood with me because it is their right to do so. I just considered them as ungrateful-not to grateful to me but ungrateful to God's gift to them to particapte in my project.

8. I was a little shocked when heard this matter as it comes from unexpected direction. But as my heart said '' this will train u as a pure politician'' then I take it with no intention to revenge back.

9. The purpose of this blog is not to backstabbed them back but as a notifications to the outsiders that my focus and my determination will be not been distracted with such treatment. Instead when I highly persuasived to settle it by 'discussion' i refuse to do so because it will not change anything. People who backstabbed mostly hypocrite. They will express their regretful and plead apology in front of us but then after that start to condemn us back.

10. I warmly accept what so called 'developing critics' or in bahasa 'kritikan membina' but for bad talks I'm sorry I'm not interested to deal so. The bad talkers may spread the words as please as they may but the action of mine will prove them wrong.

11.As long as my action is in right conscience and lead to benefit for others, I will continue to do so and ignore those immature action.

12. I will keep forward with a lot of progression. While the backstabbers or bad talkers will remains back.

13. And it just make me more stronger!

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