Wednesday, April 8, 2009


On talk there was an era of Mahathirism emerging under new leadership, Tun Mahathir said there was nothing wrong with that.
''What's wrong with Mahathirism?It served the country well for 22 years.''
I never imagine that I will immerse in politic; the one that someone called it as more superior in law, the dirtiest thing that people ever had in this civilisation and ful of hypocrisy. Frankly speaking I never had interest on politic when I was young; not even when Tun Mahathir announced his resignation on 2002. I just said ''Oh Dr Mahathir nak letak jawatan''. But then everything change when my father came back from US and we as family went for a holiday in Kuala Lumpur and he bought me book: MAHATHIR the key of Malaysia's sucess written by ex Ambassador of Bosnia. I get interested to know well about politic then and during the last day of his administration I collect all articles about him and I really admired him on how he tackled the economy crisis 1997 by not seeking the help of IMF. A year after his resignation I deeply analytical in politic and became alert about everything and even the global issues. I feel grateful because my great grandmother was the Ketua Wanita UMNO Bahagian Labis and I managed to 'curi' her political book and the one that I think is the valuable one is the book written by Allahyarham Ikhwan Nasir.
I adapt a lot of Mahathir's style. One that most crucial is the way I debate. Truly I don't like a debate will full of hand gestures and whatsoever. My style of debate has been approved by my teacher as the 'cool' one, same as Dr Mahathir. Yeah that's the way of politician I guess. The style of giving speech admittly inspired by him.Secondly the way of overcome crisis. I highly to solve the problem with the technique of 'hands-on'; same as Tun Mahathir used during economy crisis 1997. And this lead to my stubborness not to go for tuition during PMR and yeah the result in same as the one who go for tuition. Furthermore I learned more about how to be brave and frankly speaking for the truth. I learned not to become inferior to white man and be tough on every critics.If we know that we on the right track then why should be afraid of? I learned how to think fast, generate for new ideas and how to make it true. Besides all that he also taught me to become loyal and serve for our organisation as best as we can and not thinking for being popular or what. I still remember his quotes 'I never think to be remembered or not. What I think is how to give the best for country. If we become popular but we cannot develop the country then it is useless''
The Mahathirism on me? I guess so. But being the copycat for someone will make us remain as the 'secondhand people' but yeah if the secondhand people can do more better then why not?

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