Sunday, April 26, 2009


1. The new Chief of UMNO information Mr Ahmad Maslan said UMNO need a new technique to attract youth in order this group will continuously support the party.

2. I welcomed the idea warmly eventhough I think it should be done earlier than now.

3. Restriction on freedom of expressing opinion and thoughts among youths seems reliable in order to maintain the good news only come to the government but this is also will threat the government as well because the youth will probably express their opinion through next election.

4. I don't think UMNO Youth Wing is sustainable to hear all the opinions come from the youths of Malaysia. Perhaps the opinions will be selective; only the positive and compliment one will be heard by the leader and for the positive critics or recommendation will remained in the 'pending'.

5. Instead I believe most of the young generation have lost their confidence with this crucial wing in UMNO party as it is already 'stagnant' with money politics and those who is 'kaki ampu'.

6. I highly recommend government to establish of what so called think tanker among the youth who will give such opinion and check-balance for the party in order to regain the trust of this group. The think tanker may consist of youths' professional, colleagues as well as the bloggers.

7. This will make more space and room for us to express opinion without fear and deliver it precisely and truth.

8. Mr. Ahmad Maslan should realised the dominance of internet nowadays.

9.Perhaps this can be a breakthrough for UMNO to reinforce its position in this country.

10. Otherwise the proposal will become just a word without action

*I wrote this post in my way to KL by night train.Escapisme from boredom

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  1. Muda jangan disangka anak,
    tua jangan diingat bapa..
    kadang-kadang anak lebih cerdik daripada bapa.
    ....mai p tidor kat rumah felda


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