Saturday, April 11, 2009


BEL 313.
Exam 9 am.
Totally have no idea about what issue will be on the paper.
Just have a short review on fallacies and the exercises sheet during previous class.
Current feeling:Tak de perasan.
So how about tomorrow?
Wake up,Subuh prayer,teh secawan,stalk NST online,last look on 313 book,dressed up, got to the class and answer it.Simple.
I had missed up my 'medic' which is the sweets and lolipop for my previous test in other subject.But it doesn't effect at all as the tea keep me awake,stay focus and 'hirameki'(i dun know the spelling is ryte or not).
Nothing to expect.Just go and answer it. Another step to accomplish the mission this semester..
And yeah there are two things that are red herring from this topic:
*Watching Upin and Ipin regardless tomorrow test.What's wrong with u Zharif?The answer: I just to release my worry for tomorrow and so this two cute child help me truly.
*I miss my poker deal at myspace.No time people.Perhaps during this study week.

Till then time for 'crystallize the ball'!
*Nothing fallacies on this statement.Not an equivocation either...


  1. not bad..just tough as usual..but apparently depends more on the assignment


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