Thursday, April 23, 2009


1. I keep wonder why there is a shock resignation from deputy chief of Penang recently. The resignation has lead to another small election in Malaysia.

2.A lot of pro and cons about this issue; some said it is waste of public fund and yet some said that the election should be held because of democracy spirit.

3. Prime Minister had not decided yet to put BN candidate if the election is happen and the announcement has get a warm response from leader de facto of PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

4. I bit shocked to hear that Anwar Ibrahim stated that it is good for BN not to contest. Is this a sign that PKR afraid that they will lost their seat at Penanti?I guess not. Their chances to defend up their position is still high but perhaps with the reduction of majority number.

5. It is better for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib to focus on his work to progress our country and this is the best time for him to clear any accusations made by the opposition. As I mentioned before Datuk Seri Najib should appear in public or media and have some open discussion with people so that people will become more clear and give full support to his administration.

6. The current situation at Penanti is just an escapisme and try to distract DS Najib's focus as PM. If there is no election then we can focus and concentrate to our work for Malaysian and keep our eye on other serious matter, public matter and international affair.

7. Every country in this world is focusing to strentgh back their economy in global economy crisis but ironically some Malaysian still keep interest on domestic political issue. I wonder why...

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