Saturday, September 12, 2009

Perfect as the white of snow;

1.Home sweet home; morning at Kedah afternoon at KL and night at JB.Quite a journey that full of exhausted but yet still can't sleep at the first day of this two week holiday.
2. I have a great talk with my best comrade Nizam. He just suddenly blow up my mind with his words; why don't we have a cold war with ourself? That's a critical question that made stunt and yet believing that he is on the way to become a philosopher or maybe a novelist in a nearest time. But somehow that question really stir up my mind to argue with.Those who know the meaning of cold war will soon know the difficulties of the question.
3. That's one of several 'philosophical' question that i can't answered up until now.Most of the question I build up by myself; whether from observing,listening or pretending to sleep.The abilitiy to build up the philosophy idea basically come from the song by red hot chili peppers so called 'snow'.It was a nice song and yet the lyric once again stunt me the question that i build up myself and yet can't be answered until now.Perhaps you have the answer?
* Be the first will end up your nervousness faster but be the last will give u more time to prepare.So which one u prefer?
* Be a good man will make urself being abused by someone else.But be a bad man will make u defeat all the time.Which side u take?
* Are u prefer to just sit and have the perfect wonder/dream as white and beautiful like a snow or u will walk,do something but your steps will be concealed and finally nowhere to go?
*Is it worth to sacrifice one person in order to save a hundred life?
*Is there any difference of just sitting and doing nothing and your name will not be known by people with you do something but all the good things you do will be forgotten by people?
*Knowing a person will give more trouble than simply not to know that person.Is it?
*Have a friend but then the friend leave you. Is it better than to just be alone and don't have someone to be with you?
*Do nothing and nothing to lose.Do something but sure something has to let go in order to do that something.Which one is better?
*do something that lesser evil in order to prevent greater evil.But the fact is: both are evil. Which one is bad?
*Pretend to accept something but your heart suffer for it.If you reject it you will lose someone or something. What's your decision?
Problems cannot be solved by the stage of mind that create them-Albert Einstein.


  1. assalammualaikum

    all the quastions do not have any specific answers. they are all open ended questions.
    it depends on how you present the answers, either to yourself or to others.... happy holiday

  2. The questions are all subjectives, and I guess cikgu is rite.. it depends on who you are presenting the answers to.. :)
    However, having a cold war with yourself is kinda painful and contradicting.. why not just enjoy the moments that you have in your life? :) with friends and family of course :D

    Enjoy your holiday! But, dont forget to study! :)

  3. i love those question, they run your mind..dont u think so?


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