Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Johor Bahru...

1. In law if you really innocent then you must quickly take an action to sue against those who humiliate your pride and self.
2.But somehow im surprised to see Manohara in RCTI channel with a mega sinetron so called MANOHARA. I wondered how the drama can be made so fast and currently heading to its episode 60.
3.And i don't even heard any trial has been conducted regarding with her case with Kelantan royalty. Maybe it's more difficult to bring a case in court rather than to have shooting for a drama.
4. Somehow the relationship between Malaysia-Indonesia is getting better.Thank God this serumpun should not take the mistake in documentary so serious as i understand the documentary is made by a company based in Singapore.Hidden agenda? I let you people to decide. The split also never stop me to pay attention on the earthquake that strike Indonesia lately and thinking to donate in the Maybank account.Refer to local newspaper about the account to bank in the donation.
Johor and Kuala Lumpur
1. It's nothing far different when u are on the road at 5 pm in Johor or Kuala Lumpur.Congestion strikes and frustrate most of the people. Me too kinda feared to have buka in a car without nothing as we are trapped in the congestion this evening after follow my uncle to have shopping raya.
2. Low-Yat is a famous place for people to find anything about laptop and technology.Johor Bahru also has its own Low Yat so called LandMark IT. But the different is the low-yat far more visitor than Low-Yat JB.
1.Can't wait for the first raya to have the super-licious dish, Lontong. It made up of ketupat, serunding, kuah kacang(my favorite one) and also kuah lodeh.
2. I am glad to have buka at my aunty house from tuesday until wednesday and I enjoyed to taste the nasi ambang.
3.I don't know the history of nasi ambang but it consist of nasi putih, mee goreng,ikan kering,serunding and tempe. It's good to eat once and u don't need to eat anything after that because nasi ambang already make u full.
4. I take this chance to wish all my readers and blogger Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. For things I made wrong, I plead my apology and hope this Raya will strength up our harmony relationship.




  2. assalammualaikum

    zharif, selamat beraya

  3. owh that's nasi ambang.. i love tempe..especially tempe bersira..


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