Friday, September 4, 2009

It's the memories of home that keep us going;

1. I miss all that old days. The morning that my mom woke me up so that i will able to sahur, how all of us bersila and makan ramai-ramai at our heritage home at JB during berbuka.
2.Miss the teh tarik ibu. Miss of discussing with my father this and that, especially about global issues of course.Miss to have joke with my brother and cousin. Miss to sneak and 'steal' food at the refrigerator as well as at the kitchen.Miss to sleep with peace and soundless.Miss all that things badly.
3. But those memories will keep me going as there only one week to finish all this kind of hire and wire. 4 test,2 assignment to be submit and 1 presentation. 6 days to go before i will leave this lovely Merbok and spend two weeks at home and prepare for next battle:final test.Well here it goes again; study week at home is much much better than to sit at this room. No nuisance and hustle, just peace and calm at my own space in the house.
4.Tsu Tzu once said that ''don't attack soldier who were on their way to go home''. You will soon understand those words as you will experience the unstoppable spirit to go home and this will make you to do anything-i mean anything to stay alive and breach all the setbacks in order to secure your way back home.
5. Memories of home?Yup. Other than that-memories with someone? I don't think i have one right now but lately i can't resist to have all that feeling, the feeling of missing someone but that someone seems i never met.Weird?Kind of.
6. After all happy fasting and keep your faith on track as we already at the half of this barakah month and heading to the lailatul qadr next week insyallah.


  1. Aaa..what more can I say? I think everyone wanted to go home..I wanted to go home too...6 days to go..come on...

  2. salam...
    huhu...miss my mom nye phone call tuk bgn sahur...huuhuh...

  3. now i regret reading ur post. homesick...i want to go back home for raya..huhuhu

  4. zharif..
    boleh bagi alamat pos zharif?
    cikgu nak beri hadiah puasa untuk zharif... puasa penuh kan?
    joking je tu hadiah puasa...
    tapi memang nak bagi hadiah sikit...
    insyaallah hari selasa ni nak pos laju
    so sampai hari rabu lah ...

    bagi alamat kat email cikgu


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