Tuesday, September 15, 2009


1. I was wondering how people cherish when the political gamers blatantly spoke that he will preserve the right of Malay but somehow will not restrain the right of other races.

2.Could it be in reality world?

3. British come to Malaya and bring Chinese and Indian to work at this country meanwhile the manpower of Malays are wasted because they(British) want us to stay at rural area and not become too intelligent because we will turnover their colonization as what happened in India.

4.Not to forget before the British intervention Malays also work in ore mines but after that the power of Malays in economy is completely ignored and keep in the kampong and live as 'kais pagi makan pagi'.

5.Malay's right had been restraint during British intervention and this give opportunity to Chinese and Indian to work and contribute in the economy.

6.It takes a long time for us to work in a social harmony after independence and somehow some of the right had to be repealed in order to achieve the harmony and unity.

7.So is it possible to raise up a particular race in a multiethnic social by not sacrifice or restraint something?For sure if one race is already far away and u need to catch up back with them u need to stop them first from being too far so that we can start it iver again.

8.But I don't think this formula is relevant nowaday. We have walked for a long journey and if the formula implemented, the harmony and unity can be tensed up and we don't want any 13 May tragedy take place in this modern day.

9.But as long as we live in multiethnic country we can get off from the stigma of racist and whatsoever. I even used to be 'honored' with such stigma.

10.But if something touch up your right or make it as issue should us be silent? We bound with the social contract and we agree to give citizenship for millions of chinese and Indian in return there is acceptance in Malay's right statute in the Federal Constitution Article 153.

11. It just a politic rhetoric. I believe it is impossible to raise up one race but at the same time we did not completely sacrifice the others need. Up till now it is a complexity to reach the key for this problem and it is not easy to do it as easy to promise and talk about it.

12. I get a long time to think about it since i even unqualified to vote in election right now.Thus it gives me more time to think and rebuild a new formula regarding with this unique and complexity problem.For sure i need to hear the voices of all races but in the end i can't satisfied everyone's appetite.

13.Think about it with clear mind, not with emotional and free up your mind from political reason when dealing with this issue. Maybe law can help?


  1. i rather be hated for what i am than be loved for what i am not.

  2. assalammualaikum

    selamat menyambut hari raya ya zharif...


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