Tuesday, September 29, 2009


1. I am glad with your question regarding with my previous post regarding with the darkest thing in the world is politic.I'm not going to answer it in the comment space as i believe comment is exclusive for my reader to put up their opinion. So i think it is better for us to discuss it in new post.

2. First let we go with the basic things:separation of power or SOP.Mainly there are three branches that hold up affair in Malaysia; executive who admin the political interest and national matter, legislative who make the constitution and law and finally judicial is the one who executed the law and act as the guardian of law.

3. Malaysia did not exercise SOP completely as the executive is made up of people who involved in legislation which the function is to make the law. Thus basically executive is the people who religiously involved in politic and they are made up of the party that form majority in the parliament; the place of legislative.

4. To make it simple, executive inclined to use this advantage of being majority in parliament to make law that favor with their political interest. This is a common trend whether the country will be run by new party or the same party. Both will use this privilege to strength up their position in order to rule this country. It may be good; to keep the stability of country so that the government can concentrate for development planning but it also has the bad side; it will viewed as government control against the opposition ,treat the opposition unfairly,and used to be labeled as dictator. So don't keep our hope high that everything will change if a new party rule the country because of whatever the thing they made less or much it will compromise with political interest.

5. It is also a common thing to hear that when a murder case or any other case that involved high-profile person the case usually be forgotten and closed without any concrete verdict. Take the case of Hanif Basree who convicted to murder a woman but then found to be innocent. But what happen to the case now?When it comes to politic or politician, law and justice seems to be compromised and that's why it so called darkest thing.

6.There are a lot of thing to be learn before we are fully ready to enter politic because it is not as simple as we seen in newspaper or internet. Dare to say that nowadays politic is currently above the law- everywhere in this world. Palestine-Israel conflict become more mess up because of what?Simple answer: Politic. As long as politic will be the first concern in mind then justice will remain silent.

7.Law should uphold justice. It must be top from politic or whatsoever interest. By law the justice will prevailed.By justice the right will preserved.

Justice not only to be done, but seen to be done

Hope my answer will satisfy you and all the readers.

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