Tuesday, October 6, 2009


1. I once had been asked from my ex-classmate of what i can serve the society in the name of lawyer.

2. To make it clear i don't have any intetion to be entitled as a lawyer.It is not my main objective in practicing legal studies as up until now i don't have any core decision to made but seems that i'm inclined to work as diplomat before jump into the politics.

3.It is like a tradition for a reporter to ask a question for the new prime minister on what his hope and mission in order to admin the country. I just finish my read on 'the other side of Mahathir' written by Zainuddin Maidin and by reading it I can conclude that Dr.Mahathir had success to accomplish his mission of being prime minister.

4. Well to promise nothing is a sin as promise will rise back the hope and motivation of people but some evidence need to be done before people will believe that we committed to our promise.

5.I made promise that all pre-lawrians are important to partcipate in pre-law activity during my last manifeston in hicom election last semester.Somehow i think i failed as not all the pre-lawrians can't join the KL Trip because i practising cronism.

6. I wish that all buses in UiTM can be used for the trip but the proposal is rejected so it had been limited into two buses only. I stand for my decision to keep the original number of partcipants thou it exceeding the capacity of the buses and some of us need to sit on the bus floor. It is good to know that those who need to sit on the floor is my 'cronism' including myself and as the result, it was the first time i went to Unit Kesihatan after the trip. Thank God it is no payment to be made.

7. Maybe i'm not too serious to get everyone involve in any event but somehow there still an open event that all pre-lawrians can enjoy it. Law Fiesta and Mohon Restu is an open event but still not all participating in these events.

8.But still the last word in manifesto to get accomplish all the event that had been organised seems satisfied me as all the events that burden on my shoulder are done.Whether it is failed or not i let people to determine it.

9. If the question point to me of what im going to promise the society one day then im gonna to make it simple and easy to be remembered by all the readers and the people of nation.

10.''I will make Malaysia as the leader of the world, lead the world by our own way and to retain back Jerusalem in any cause.''

11.Do remind me with my own word as i am a short-term memory person.


  1. and i do hope that 1 day i will see mr. zharif badrul to be the prime minister of malaysia =)

    p.s. kalo maw jadik diplomat bagaimanakah?


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