Monday, October 5, 2009


1. It is almost one hour my status is already changed from pre-lawrian to 'BLS in waiting'.My task here at Merbok is accomplish and it is still unofficial since i have one more day to spent here and attend the pre-law annual dinner at swiss inn.

2. When it comes to end a famous question will be arise is '' How you feel?''. Well to this response i can only say ''Fine and no hard feelings''.

3. I thought to end up my lifetime in Merbok with not so much criticism and bitterheart but somehow the controversial seems inevitable with my name.It keeps thwart me since the first semester and it comes to the peak during the second semester.

4. Been accused as practicing hypocrism,cronism and judgemental during the peak time but I never take it with emotionally at all since the accusation is made because I stand with my principe and not give up to accomplish my responsibility as well as to say the truth.

5.It is good during the third semester when all juniors of part1 seems to have high ethusiasm and effort to study and i feel ashamed of myself as my effort is not so spark like them. I am pleased that they are willing to seek advice and from the senior and i appreciate those with full respect.

6.But being nice to them also is one of the mistake that torn up my wish to end my semester here as i have to encounter with some issue that i neglect to take serious.It should be clear from start that i should restrict from not indulging work and heart feelings but i failed to notice it and i feel that the biggest mistake i ever made in this semester.

7. I made a lot of unpopular decision in order to keep stand with my right,principe and for the sake of other people eventhough it will turn out with oppose and critics. It's hard to accept those controversial that i never wish to face but still i think i already managed to encounter and overcome it though with uneasy end.

8. There will be more critics and hatred against me after this post will be read but critics and hatred will come along with praise and respect. I don't seek for popularity, to earn respect and famous from everyone especially in the pre-lawrians community.

9.The most important thing is to do it my way. The way of truly me.

10. I will not evaluate of what i am but i rather to let people who know me to evaluate it.They have more good judgment than mine. I please to hear from both pro and cons view.

11. It's a final curtain and i took the bow.Do it my way

wish to write memoir of merbok after this in next post.


  1. can't wait to hear more from you...hey, keep up with the Mahathirism. stay where u are with what u believe.

  2. Insyallah everything will be ok dear friend.. Hope to see u here in Shah ALam as we need more young and energized people like you here in order for survival among the fittest. The real world is the real deal but the Universities life is the practical of it. Challenges awaits you here in BLS program. At the mean time, enjoy your up coming hols and do a lot of reading and ask seniors how's life here... Take care bro~


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