Thursday, October 8, 2009


1. One of my plan during this 2 months holiday is to have my first breath at Padang Sumatera Barat. My great grandpa once told me that a lot of my relatives lived there.

2. If I have a strong will then currently I should be at Universitas Andalas pursuing my real ambition.Somehow I turndown the last minute offer and keep pushing my heart to accept law. But I think this choice is also a big mistake as my English is bad.I wonder how the examiners of MUET gave the mark for me in previous examination so that i can excluded from sitting the special interview to enter BLS.

3. I can't understand why Indonesian in the Bendera Group try to make nuisance by threatening Malaysia with their 1500 troops. This group is extremely want to 'protect' their Pandet dance which obviously the documentary producer had stated that Malaysia is not responsible for the mistake.

4. Up until now they still can't realised that Malaysia is the first country to give the aid for their brotherhood that suffered from earthquake in Padang. But I thank to God that the government of Indonesia has not giving their support to this group so in other word it is unofficial threat, really different from the 1965 Konfrontasi.

5. I suggest that members of Bendera Group should have a television in their home so that they can know the current situation and stop blaming Malaysia for this and that. It's kind of annoying when you help a person and then the person talk bad about you.

6. Once again I wonder why this group is largely made up of Indonesia student or mahasiswa. Can someone tell me why student are fond to be labeled as a rebel and aggressive? Hope I can have the best answer for this question thank you.


  1. how can they not hate us when we treat them like hell? yes we did helped them, is it enough for what we did to their people at our place..

  2. because students are young and rebellious? and since they are not yet mature or they are too much in their comfort zone that they could be easily influence and be swayed to support anyone for any cause. maybe they reckon that malaysia is still the neo-colonialisme that sukarno had once said. what ever the reason is only they can tell. let's just hope that in the future our neighbour will stop bickering with us.

    okay. got to run. need to catch my ferry in 15 minutes =p

  3. @ezwar: all this while i thought that the crime rate in malaysia increase substantially due to their substantial presence in our country? not all but maybe some of the bad bunch. however, it is true, it does not give us the right to abuse them in any way. but you have to admit that sometimes a part of them do give us problems. like the case of maids in malaysia. my cousin had a very bad experience with them as she had endangered the life of his sons! i reckon we should stop this stupid blame game and start to find a solution to solve this matter. and it does not only restricted to both governments. the citizens themselves have to change so that this problem could be solve to the root!

    about the increasing crime rate in malaysia due to them, i stand to be corrected.

  4. u r lucky when u know where's ur origin com from..compared to me i've lost my descend..


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