Wednesday, October 7, 2009


1. Just finished my last night at Kedah by having the dinner made by some of my comrades pre-lawrians and thou im not pretty sure by attending the dinner is right or not but somehow I accomplished my first and foremost mission: EAT.

2. I got chance to chat more with some of juniors.Glad to spend the precious time with nina atiqah, Putri and Farhan. They are great juniors.

3. Somehow I stunned when i heard one of the junior song ayat2 cinta.She just have a good voice and i think she is a perfect choice to perform in law fiesta next semester.

5. But there are several 'insane' event that i made with my friend Nizam and the roomates of B016 right after we are no longer pre-lawrian. Some of them are:

* Running in a heavy rain to library.
* Placing our hands and legs in a basin that full of ice which i think below 0 celcius.Thank God we are not cramp at all.
*Walked to Pusat Islam around 12 am just to get a better connection of internet.
*Sit in front of laptop just to finish our movies marathon
*Keep searching of word 'law' even in fact we already done the exam.

6.Maybe those event may subside all the tears and dissastifaction I felt for this 3 semesters but like I said to one of my junior ''Tonight everything is closed.'' I would not interested to critics there and there or made some heart-touching statement anymore regarding with pre-law Merbok.

7.Currently I'm looking forward to next agenda: Global Peace. I will tell you later about this stuff as I will have the first meeting of PGPYO this Friday at Global Peace Office.

Pre-law life not better than previous life.But it's not bad at all :)


  1. seems like u had a good moment last nite.

  2. hurmmm...
    to be frank, your english sucks big time and u need to brush it up real badly.. it will be a massive disgrace 4 a law student to have this kind of english proficiency level. u better start doing sumting bout it honestly if u want people to take u seriously.. coz if u dont u better go and fly kite laaa...
    juz my 2 cents..

    ijlal naim

  3. to ijlal
    Thanks for the comment.I really appreciate a comment from the one that really good in English and good luck for your application to continue study at UK. Wish you all the best.

  4. salam ..
    yes zharif, maybe because you're using simple english, people somehow look down on you, but still, you have grammatical errors. yeah its true that you have to improve your English. so people will take you seriously as you've always posted serious posts. and sometimes, i couldn't even get what you're trying to say. i have to make a direct translation to malay language to understand it. critics build you up right? cheers (:

    p/s; and sifuu ijlal, comment nice nice maa next time.. HAHA.

  5. Dowhhh, I disagree lol a bit with Pu3.. Z, i followed ur blog bcoz

    1. Ure ma bro
    2. The CONTENT
    and yea some of ma frens have been following ur blog cuz waitin 2 see ur latest issue..

    ~ So yea, maybe there's a grammatical erroe, and u may eliminate them...

    ~I'm looking forward 4 more of blown up words BRO

  6. lithium:ok u got a point of d content. but somehow, with all dat kind of grammatical error it will make it hard to read thus will leads 2 misrepresentation of d content or even d message dat u r trying 2 deliver will be left unnoticed..
    zharif: dont get me wrong, im not "the one dat rily good in english" juz simply better den urs.. and btw, thx 4 d wish!
    just my 2 cents..

    ijlal naim

  7. Yea of course Naim... i agree,... But my point here is, do not put his main priority on grammar.. I don want Z to a sum1 who focuses too much on "not making grammar" that he lost his magic ideas.. haha, but still, Good Grammar for life.

  8. you disagree farhan? heh. you know, lemme explain in a simple but kinda rude wayy. i dont know how to say it. hahaha. when you have such a stupid language, people will assume that you're stupid. so people dont even wanna hear or read whatever you're writing. dont you think that it is such a waste. BOO.

    okay i dunno why im replying zaman dulu kala punya comment. pffft.


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