Friday, June 12, 2009


1. I just watched the video of Anwar Ibrahim's speech at youtube during the election of Selambau. Actually I don't have any interest to hear his speech but as my lecturer said if you are an open minded person then you should also listen to what things that you are not disagree. It make sense.Or elsewhere we will always think that we are right and syok sendiri.

2. I even mentioned that the biggest failure of Anwar was his ambition of new government 16 september remained elusive. Yet he still an opposition leader and not sitting on the chair of prime minister in Putrajaya. It is not simply to overthrown a government even it is just a simple majority. Not only that there will be also a problem to mr.Anwar as he become the Prime Minister by the topple tactic since his government also will made up by simple majority.

3. I think the best way to wait until new election should we?But can his influence still there up until 2013?I let the people to say so.

4.But my friend response that the topple of PR govt at Perak can be happen. I don't take it as synical but just a counter-argument on my view but in fact I don't take a chance to refute back. Why?Because I still uphold to my principle:not until fresh election should be held.Just wait for 3 years and then we can start again, not by simply to get 'frog' members.

5. Oh in fact I simply reject mr.Anwar to become the Prime Minister beside of his view on satanic verses 16 years ago but I don't think I would like my leader to say something harsh like 'haram jadah' and so on. In fact I believe Islam forbid it and also restrict of what we call 'membuka aib orang'. Because for me to achieve something any action should be allowed eventhough it is haram and forbidden. We need an ethical adn maturity of politic not by the cheap one.

6. Maybe not 16 September because democratic still not be preserved yet in our country as he mentioned during the interview with France channel(he claimed that motion of no confidence had been denied in order to form new govt during 16 sept). If that so why not to wait for the next national election?Not that easy and not so fast to get something.

7.You give the idea how to stole money and someone stole the idea and use it to you.You may charged him for robbery or infringed but both you and the alleged share the common thing in moral view:both of you ignore to place a moral value as a quantum to achieve something!


  1. Salam saudara Zharif,

    Hidup ini unik kan...macam-mascam ada dalam dunia ni. Hurmmm, kebenaran akan nyata walau bukti cuba dikaburi.



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