Thursday, June 25, 2009


1.It was typical for Malaysian to gather at specific time and then the real event will start 20 minutes late from the actual time.

2.But I thankful to SPR as the announcement only takes for 10 minutes after 20 minutes waiting and I managed to complete my routine jog this evening.

3.As expected Muhaimin won the secretary post.

4. I don't think that there will be rumours to claim that my influence has give the big impact for her win and I will never claim that too because I think there are more people who work hard and campaign for Min. But then all the voters are the biggest contributor for her won as well as god's will.

5.I would like to wish thank you for all the candidates as they continue the democracy in our club and also to the all pre-lawrians since the percentage of ballot is high and I had been informed that less than 30 pre-lawrians who not voting.That's a sign of support of pre-lawrians in our first activities and I hope the support will continue in future.

6.Now it's time to back on work. No time for rest and lullaby as there are plenty of activities need to be done, not just as verbal but also as in action.

7.And I hope not to hear any reasonable excuses if some activities need to be cancelled as I believe all the hicoms now are hardworking and diligent.

8.All the pre-lawrians also hope for that


  1. wish all the best to all new hicoms..

  2. i've nothing to say 'bout you influence impact...but so far as i know...I know Kak Muhaimin before i read your blog. so it has nothing to do with you influence.


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