Sunday, February 22, 2009


It is a taboo word to us-it indicates how bads of people who has been labeled with this such title. I also surprised when i was indirectly to practice such things when doing my work.
What is cronyism and nepotisme actually define?Cronyism derived from the word crony means a best friend(i refer it to my longman dictionary) while nepotisme refer to incline of choosing our family or friends to hold certain post or in other words,bias.
I admit that I choose several of my friends to help me work out on project that i need to be handle. Can u imagine if such project will be handle to someone that i never know and trustless? Yes if we keep preserved this trend then it will shut down the chances of others potential peoples. I used some of my friends to lend their hand because it is easier to contact with them and i'm not just put down their name as one of the committee.They do put some commitment to make the project real. I never seen my roomates who is also the one of the committee stay awake just to prepare the name tag for the outcoming projects.The others show some courage too to go there and meet other people to accomplish it. But somehow it doesn't mean i bless of using cronyism or nepotisme. Still I put someone that are 'new' but potential to do work in my committee. I am tired to see how our culture which like to rest all the things to us alone and when it done, it's time to crticise this and this. So somehow the need of cronyism is needed.
The things make this term become such dirty when the one who hold the position or work is the inability one. Just pick them up because of the relationship not because of the ability or personality. Just put down the name and after that go for relax and enjoy. The cronyism seems as arbirtary because as i mentioned before it may closed up the one who doesn't has any relationship to show up their talent. After all, the cronyism should not be viewed as dirty neither as clean. It must be used in certain things without jeopardize the necessary on accomplishing the task or duty.
Perhaps I should stop here to allow the readers to share their opinions

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