Sunday, February 22, 2009


I had thought to post this blog for a long time but i just get the 'seru' to put this tonight; i do have a dream. For those who has myspace then they know what i mean. Yeah it's my dream since i am at standard five and this lead me to indulge in this political world.Not just politic but also in current internal and international affairs. First i am bit dissapointed to know that i will take an 'alien' course in my life; a course that i never thought before.But then i thank to God because give me a turning point path in my life. I really sure from now that this way; law world will guide me to pursue my dream.
I have a dream; i have a dream to be a prime minister. To change the world for us and fixed back anything that goes wrong nowadays. It's my responsibility to take charge on that; to fixed it when the power is mine. A dream to see that we will lead the world, become the most powerful nation in the world, a dream to see that we will become the 'new america', a dream to grab the economy and education power from the current powerful country right now. A dream to bring the past into the future, bring the malacca empire into Malaysia empire one day. I have a dream that one day we can lead others nations and peoples in every aspects and we will become champion on dealing with international affairs. We will solve it by our way without using much weapon and blood.I have a dream that we will become a leader of a gigantic economic block as the EU done it nowadays.I have a dream that all the Islamic and Asian countries will stand in one name,one block of economy and strength to rule the world once again. We can do it. We will do it if we want to. And I have a dream; dream of dream that is to bring the justice and right for palestine. The Jerusalem or Al-Quds should be back into Muslims because that is the true right and justice. The right of Malays, the excellence of Malays should be preserved too in any cost. I have a dream for that.
I can't do that alone. I need someone to withstand with me and make it reality. If Dr.Mahathir has his Siti Hasmah then i need someone too hehehe. The main thing is the one who stand with me will understand my dream,my aspiration,my work and ready to lend me to the country.I need someone(my future partner of course):
  • guide me not lead
  • support me not pressure up
  • persuade not incite
  • comfort, not nurturing me as a child
  • advice not blame me
  • tell the truth, not lying
  • see my fault and not hide it
  • tolerance not stubborn
  • at my side, not at my head
  • respect me, not at my feet


I have a dream


  1. but then my aunt keep saying that "it is not a woman that always comes behind a succesful man but it is a wife that comes behind a successful man"
    Hhehe... :D

  2. other word i mean it hehe


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