Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Assalamuailkum...well im back after 2 months rest. I will use this blog for a new purpose- to provide information for all pre-lawrian of UiTM Kedah to get latest bulletin on activities regarding with pre-law club. But first i would like to thanks to all pre-lawrian that vote for me as vice secretary for this 2009 session. Alhamdulilah and i would try my best to serve for this club and do advise me so i will maintain my focus to bond my word.
So the latest task- sports for law fiesta and law visit to KL. All this activities should be accomplish within in february or March. Actually we have about 14 activities(more than what im expected during the manifesto day) and this should be done in this semester- in 3 months!!So I need your support n cooperation to make the activities become reality... =)
So now i will focus on that two things...Hope it will be the best activities in our life for the club-pre-lawrian club...
C u then in the next blog. Thanks for reading :D

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