Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well this is the first time I will handle something that i don't like during the primary and secondary school-sports. But for this Law Fiesta I volunteered to take charge on this programs from others 8 programmes because I think sports for Law Fiesta should be something excited and interesting-not a dull and monotony one. So there will be combination between the 'traditional' sports and 'new sports'. Futsal, netball, rugby will be the traditional one while the joy ride is in the new sports. What is joy ride?
Most of you will not recognized there is a riding horse club at Laguna Merbok. Well my first proposal is to have bowling competition between lecturer and pre-lawrians but after considering the place and security, I agree with Arif a.k.a Master idea to invite the club and organise a joy ride and openly to all UiTM students. We will compromised with them about fees and charges and for sure there will be a PHOTO SESSION for you to keep the sweet memory of Law Fiesta.
Maybe this will be the first time experience for most of us but trust me, it will be the golden oppurtinity to try and feel the sensation of joy ride with lower fees than actual during usual days. So here I provide a poll for all of you to give your opinion whether this joy ride is worth for you or not.
Thanx for reading and see you again! =)


hak berfikir dan bersuara anda akan dilindungi. Terima kasih :)