Saturday, November 28, 2009


1. I don't know why i post this blog a bit late. Not a bit; too late will be suitable. When you read the title you know what it is.

2. I can't understand why people are pushing themseves too hard to get the 5As,8As, 4Flat etc. It seems that we cannot live in the world if we failed to achieve it. I read the newspaper yesterday; disucssion on forcing students to achieve all As and perfect. As example the recent UPSR result. It is out of our mind when there was a case student committed suicide because failed to achieve 5As or 4As.

3. I can't deny that im also the product of such system. Still remember how desperate my school to achieve this and that, pushed the student to achieve above the par so that the school will be standing in the eyes of the so called 'pejabat daerah' or 'jabatan negeri'. But the fact is i don't let myself in the maniac system. I hate to admit it but it is, i hate the coercion system.

4. I oppose any coercion onto someone thou i believed it may work during emergency but to put excessive force on the shoulder of an innocent student is a fault. It's quite relief when the university system did not apply such coercion but then the surroundings keep the forcing into action.

5. I'm quite surprised on how my coursemates or juniors are really struggle to achieve 4 flat and feel like a loser if can't achieve it. I don't want to show off myself as the one who achieved it during the first sem and i even don't like to say it. It just like a 'my last word' when someone asking my first sem result. Honestly it's quite annoying when someone keep remind you about your achievement with the intention of teasing or sarcastic but i don't take it into attention. I am not a person who let the annoying feeling switch off my effort for future.

6.The best advice: just ignore it. Let your ear deaf with such reminder. You don't need it and you should not consider it as a force to ensure you to keep maintain your achievement in the future. Because you know who you are and you know your standard. You don't need such advisor. You know well about yourself.

7. I guess the advice is such erm...sounds selfish and 'sangat berlagak'. This culture is not accepted in our culture but when you go to western you can praise yourself to show that you are better than others. Life is about to survive. You can't let people drown you and make you feel useless of being different or better than someone else.

8. I never put force on myself to get a best result in my university's life. I learnt from the mistake; i was trying so hard during my SPM to ensure my school become the best but somehow i failed. I swear to myself i will not let myself become the product of the 'force' system. I'm grateful that in the university no one ever expect me to get this and that; even the university director never force me to get a certain result. Though i admit the surroundings keep the pressure after they know the first semester result still i keep myself out from the force.

9. Maybe someone will say i'm lying. They see me read and study all the time and sure they think that i did it because of the result. Well i would like to reveal the secret; i study not because to get the best result. I study not to become the best of the best. I work hard not because i want to be the different. It's all because i'd failed myself in the past. I won't let my effort in vain again. My heart still can't accept that i need to give in my previous dream and because of that i won't let my new life in legal world will be ended for nothing. The dissapointment of the past only trigger the best of mine to survive in the new world(law). I will keep that way. Whether the surroundings like it or not, whether people hate it or not, i never care about that.

10. Then why i like to know my friend's result? Well techinally it's like urmm..caring?

it's good to have some force for you to get the best. But don't let it control you.You the one who control it because you know yourself more :)


  1. mayb due to pressure of others that gain more plus some parents do tell to get this certain target...

    my parents did, but i manage to buat xtau..coz the important thing here, i do learn is not a waste...

    bout result org??tah xamik tau...kalo nak bgtau, dgr jer la...
    as long as kte bley trima if some get much higher than us...


  2. actually, u bole lg capai ur previous ambition..go to mesir with your own money..try your best and ask for scholar later..

    dkt m'sia skrg bnyk agensi2 yg jd org tengah antara pelajar dan universiti di mesir eg;GMN(Global Medical Network)..just make sure university tersebut diiktiraf JPA. medic in mesir tak susah sgt (not sure thou) and 5 tahun je buat ijazah, preparation 3 bulan je..dpt 5A or 6A lebih da boleh..kalau result tk de c or below, tk de mslh..perhaps it's late for you..but do past these words to your junior..

    one more thing, don't be surprised about u getting asasi law uitm even u letak pilihan tue dkt no 6 pon, acc to some reliable sources, calon2 yg dpt A1, A2 or B3 for BM, BI and Sejarah slalunya dpt tempat, tk kisah la klau dorang ltak asasi law uitm sebagai pilihan terakhir's quite unfair to those who don't really want to pursue law, don't understand why the gov/etc did that..

  3. students study just to pass their examination.

  4. wooot... it can be advise to me as well.. hahaha. num 5 , 6 and 7.... btul2, kecemerlangan atas paper xmenjamin pun

  5. yup2..agree wif u..but, i really hope to get a good result so that i can get schorlarship..*SOB2*

    saya rasa kan..

    academic + soft skill + good communication skill= WANTED^^


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