Sunday, November 22, 2009


1. I always made an unexpected move or decision. On how i choose people to work with, about the future of my career and even when i end up my 4-years status of being single( even some says the one i choose is also an unexpected).

2. Well i guess i just adopted with my art of life. Since my childhood i always received unexpected situation. I still remembered how shocked i was when i was not selected to become the one who will get the so called 'tokoh terbaik keseluruhan' instead of awarded as tokoh akademik. It is out of normal situation when head perfect did not get the prestige award. But then it doesn't bother me at all because i'm not the one who really active in co-curriculum due to my health problems. That's why academic is the only one fits me after all.

3. During my secondary age, i think only two things appeared as unexpected:join the writing youth program and moved to Johor when i just 3 months away from PMR. Since i was an average joe in my new school thus none of unexpected situation really threat me and i enjoyed my lifetime as usual.

4. Then came the biggest unexpected situation; situation that changed my life forever. I never thought i will be in legal world; i never thought my 6th choice which i put in the UPU form with in main-main mood will give a shape of my future. Moved to UiTM Kedah with new environment and new friends. I don't have my old friends there, everything is new.

5. How you expect a person who did not have any legal interets, ambition to become lawyer or judge or practicing legal profession can achieve a good result? Well honestly i don't expect it either because i knew that i had some trouble with the computer subject but then it just happen. Then a little unexpected came when my previous class PL1H was no longer in list so we need to move to other class. It seems hard because i'd great time with them but one cannot view this as the end of friendship.I still can meet my ex-classmates for another two semester.

6. It was not an unexpected decision when i stepped out from vice-secretary post though some of my friends were shocked. But i already think about it for a long time and i did what i have to do to preserve my stand and principe. I disagreed with the 'pewarisan' system and called for a fresh poll but i knew it's hard to get off from the position and dare to have a fresh call. I don't surprised to see people religiously defend the pewarisan system because it is good to cover up your 'word speaks louder than action' rather than lose in the fresh poll. Now the new people need to pay for the system. Well I don't think i should talk more about this because i'm not a pre-lawrian anymore.

7. Handle up the new organisation( global peace youth volunteer) enable me to work with people that i can trust. I will never pick up people who i already knew his art of work which failed to comply with mine. Well most reader now wonder what is my art of work. It's simple: Less word,more action and no last-minute.

8.To work with PGPO was also one of the unexpected moment because i only read about the conference in the newspaper 4 years ago and last month i was the part of the event.It is an honour for me to work with those people like mr.ram and board of committee and of course for Tun Mahathir. Though i'm just like a backstage actor but his signature in the certificate is a approval of my hardwork for him and for the conference.

9. The best thing when i deal with the unexpected situation is the consequence or the result after the unexpected situation. Always, it will be a good one. I once upset for these unexpected situations in my life but then i grateful to God how creative He set up my life's journey. If there is no such unexpected stuff then my life will be totally dull and i don't learn precious lesson.

10. Now i'm sure why all of you keep reading this blog. It is also an unexpected stuff i had but i believe you are more eager to know why i choose someone that less expected to become my to-be soulmate. Well like i said unexpected will always be a good one. And she is the proof for that statement. She is not the one like 24/7 texting or calling and i just need someone that support me from the back, the one who support me in what i like(politic of course). I need a 'silent supporter', just like the way of the proverb ''for every successful man there is always a great woman behind him''.

11. I think it's enough for my personal stuff. I should write more serious topic after this. Moral of the story for this post: just prepare yourself to expect the unexpected situation.If you don't then just deal with it :)


  1. "Expect the unexpected".
    That was my class motto for part 1 in Pre-Law. So, what to expect in life? It always come in unexpected manner,without us really know what will happen next. Am I right? So, the unexpected event that happen to us is already written in His book. We, as the human only here can change what we work for.That's all.

    Have you ever read the poem entitled,"The Road Not Taken"? Well, I think you had. In life, we were given choices, which in this poem, the two path. Each time we choose one path, we can't look back at the other path. Move on and face the current challenge in it. So, back to your topic, the so unexpected thing happen in life may shocked certain people and people will started questioning your decision whilst they didn't realise that it was already written. Go on with it and focus on what you currently doing. Don't look back and regrets the decision you made.

    Your future lies in your hand. Only you can make the difference. The choice is in you. All the best and see you in Shah Alam. May the best still to come from you. Salam

  2. u'll be the centre of attention, one day...


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