Sunday, January 16, 2011

The time of my life...

*The 1st UiTM student to receive Tun Suffian Scholarship.

Next: JESSUP 2011

Now i feel the burden. UiTM will be represented by someone who still young and had entered only 3 moot competition( including friendly match against Queensland University which to be admitted as the 'worst performance ever'). Plus, he only won 3 rounds out of 6 rounds of moot. His last victory was 5 months ago and then he was defeated consecutively.

Now, can you believe this person to represent your university in this prestigious competition?

my asset? None.
If we win Jessup competition, it will be the best time of my life after has been awarded as Tun Suffian Scholar.



  1. u shouldn't feel that down bout ur self..u can do it...
    because there is lot of others that really believe n know u cn do fighting!
    all da best for jessup n
    also congratulations on the scholarship...

  2. im here
    follow me back

  3. i'm proud of you, Z =) I only can see from far.. do your very best mentor!


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